Why Trust Us


Viagene Biotech performs business world-wide and our products and services win the trust of customers. We will keep providing high quality products and technical services.

•  Viagene Biotech has a good scientific team for the development of our products and new technologies: some of which had applied for patent and some keep as trade-secrets.

•  Our team members are very familiar with our technologies, especially, EMSA. We can answer almost any EMSA or EMSA-related questions, and helped lots of our customers to solve their EMSA problems.

•  We may find the problems or solution for the problems with EMSA just by a few words or just one or more pictures.

•  The team at Viagene Biotech has extensive experience in the field of cell signal transduction pathway, especially, EMSA, and published many EMSA-related articles on the journals such as Nature,PNAS,Cancer research and Blood (check).

•  Technicians at Viagene perform EMSA services for many years, and they are experts for EMSA and EMSA-related services.

•  Comparing to other companies with a similar product line, Viagene Biotech has more resource to track the problems and perform successful technical services; some of our customers get successful EMSA after the failure of experiments in their own lab. 

•  Our products are on the market for long time and accepted by our customers. We have used our equipment and reagents for the development of our product line and for our technical services for many years.

•  99% of our customer satisfied with our products and services.

•  For 10 years, we acuminated extensive experience to design and make non-radioactive probes and improving the labeling techniques; we carry more EMSA products than other companies and provide products at very competitive price.

•  We provide 7/24 Technical supports. Customers can contact us by instant messages, online chat, emails or phone to us.

•  Our customer published 200+ articles (Read more)...




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