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Complete EMSA Kits

Viagene Biotech provides hundreds of complete EMSA kits with specific probes including: 1) DNA ECL EMSA kit with a ready probe, 2) DNA Infrared EMSA kit with a ready probe, 3) DNA Gel-stain EMSA kit with a ready probe... Each kit may be purchased as a pack of 30 or 60 reactions (details).

Ready Probes

Viagene Biotech provides hundreds of premade (ready) probes, including: 1) biotin-labeled probes, 2) IRFluo-labeled probes, 3) non-labeled detection probes , 4) non-labeled competitive (cold) probes, 5) non-labeled mutant probes. We sell ready probes and provide additional custom probe preparation services at highly competitive prices (details)...

Nuclear Protein
Extraction Kit

The nucleus and cytoplasm has become the two hot research cell components, to obtain nuclear protein and cytoplasm protein of high concentration has become an important experimental results obtained by the process (details)...

Nuclear Protein
concentration Kit

The levels of specific binding proteins can be compared only if equal amounts of proteins are used for all the samples. Unfortunately, many nuclear proteins measured are not reliable (details)...

EMSA-related Reagents
Viagene Biotech not only sales hundreds of EMSA kits, but also provides individual reagent for customers to choose (details)...

EMSA Controls
Viagene Biotech provides a variety of positive/negative controls for EMSA, including: 1) unlabeled detection probes, 2) unlabeled (cold) competitive probes, 3) unlabeled (cold) mutated non-competitive probes (details)...

General EMSA Kits
More and more researchers are using non-radioactive techniques for DNA/RNA or protein detection. Non-radioactive detection primarily is depended on (details)...

Custom Probes
Although Viagene Biotech carries hundreds of EMSA kits for detecting the activation of various transcription factors, researchers may still require probes that are not in our inventory. In this case, customers can contact us for their specific probe needs and we can search our data base (details). 

EMSA Services
Viagene provides variety of EMSA-related services including nuclear protein extraction, protein concentration, EMSA, EMSA competition, supershift EMSA. CHiP etc (details).

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