EMSA Kits: A-C

   A. Prices for complete EMSA Kits, including membranes, probes & all reagents (in detail)
Types of Kits Catalog# Assays Prices Description
EMSA Using
BITFxxx* 30 $299 User's manual for EMSA, competitive EMSA & Supershift EMSA using biotin probes.
60 $479
EMSA Using
IR Fluo-Probes
IRTFxxx* 30 $299 User's manual for EMSA, competitive EMSA, & Supershift EMSA using IR Fluo-probes.
60 $479
EMSA** Using
unlabeled probes
GSTFxxx* 50 $129 Contact us for ordering gel-stain EMSA kits, which are only good for PURIFIED proteins.
100 $198
Notes: *XXX is 3 digits for each DNA-binding protein. **When ordering, number of assays must be added after catalog#.


   B. Groups of EMSA Kits: A--C D--G H--L M--O P--R S--Z
Binding Proteins A-C Catalog#
Old Catalog# Description
AAF BITF013 IRTF013 TFDET013 IFN-gamma-regulated DNA-binding factor
ABF-1 BITF014 IRTF014 TFDET014 MLC-2 (myosin light chain-2)
ACF BITF015 IRTF015 TFDET015 albumin ccaat- binding factor
ACP BITF016 IRTF016 TFDET016 alphaA-crystallin
ADD-1 BITF017 IRTF017 TFDET017 sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor
ADR-1 BITF018 IRTF018 TFDET018 alcohol dehydrogenase regulatory gene1 binding element
AF-1 BITF019 IRTF019 TFDET019 NR2F2: nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 2
AFP-1 BITF020 IRTF020 TFDET020 alpha-fetoprotein
Afxh/Foxo-4 BITF021 IRTF021 TFDET021 myeloid/lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia(Member of the forkhead family)
AhR/Arnt BITF022 IRTF022 TFDET022 aryl hydrocarbon receptor/aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator
binding element
AIC/CBF BITF023 IRTF023 TFDET023 ApoA-I gene promoter c region, CCAAT-binding factor
AIC-2/3/4 BITF024 IRTF024 TFDET024 apolipoprotein A1 gene
ALF-1 BITF025 IRTF025 TFDET025 murine leukemia virus
alpha PAL BITF026 IRTF026 TFDET026 Eukaryotic initiation Factor 2alpha
AML1 BITF027 IRTF027 TFDET027 RUNX1: runt-related tr anscription factor 1 (acute myeloid leukemia 1; aml1 oncogene)
ANG/IRE BITF028 IRTF028 TFDET028 Angiotensinogen(ANG) insulin-response element
Antioxidant RE BITF029 IRTF029 TFDET029 Antioxidant responsive element
AP-1 BITF005 IRTF005 TFDET005 AP-1
AP-1 (2) BITF007 IRTF007 TFDET007 Fos, FosB, Fra1, Fra2, Jun, JunB
AP-2 (1) BITF030 IRTF030 TFDET030 AP-2(1) (activating enhancer binding protein 2)
AP-2 (3) BITF032 IRTF032 TFDET032 activator protein 2(3)
AP-2/YY1 BITF033 IRTF033 TFDET033 AP-2/YY1
AP-3 (1) BITF034 IRTF034 TFDET034 activator protein 3
AP-4 (1) BITF036 IRTF036 TFDET035 activator protein 4
apo A1 BITF038 IRTF038 TFDET038 apolipoprotein AI 
AR BITF039 IRTF039 TFDET039 Androgen response element
AREB-6 BITF040 IRTF040 TFDET040 Atp1a1 Regulatory Element Binding protein 6; Nil-2-a
ARP BITF041 IRTF041 TFDET041 COUP-beta; apolipoprotein AI regulatory protein; NR2F2
ATF (1) BITF042 IRTF042 TFDET042 ATF(1)
betaM-globin factor B1 BITF046 IRTF046 TFDET046 beta M-globin factor B1
Beta-RE BITF047 IRTF047 TFDET047 retinoic acid  receptor beta
Brn-3 BITF048 IRTF048 TFDET048 POU4F1: POU domain, class 4, transcription factor 1
BZP BITF049 IRTF049 TFDET049 a novel serum-responsive zinc finger protein)
CACC BITF050 IRTF050 TFDET050 CACC binding protein
CBF (1) BITF051 IRTF051 TFDET051 CCAAT box
CBF (m) BITF052 IRTF052 TFDET052 mouse CCAAT-binding factor , CP1 (human, rat); NF-Y
CCAAT BITF054 IRTF054 TFDET054 CCAAT binding protein
CCAC BITF055 IRTF055 TFDET055 CCAC binding protein
CDP BITF056 IRTF056 TFDET056 CCAAT displacement protein
Cdx-2 BITF057 IRTF057 TFDET057 caudal type homeo box transcription factor 2
CdxA/NKX2 BITF058 IRTF058 TFDET058 Caudal-type homeodomain protein/  cardiac-specific homeo box
CEA BITF059 IRTF059 TFDET059 carcinoembryonic antigen gene
CEBP (1) BITF060 IRTF060 TFDET060 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (CEBP(1))
CEBP (2) BITF061 IRTF061 TFDET061 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha, gamma
CEBP (3) BITF062 IRTF062 TFDET062 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha
CEBP (4) BITF064 IRTF064 TFDET064 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein gamma
CEF-1 BITF065 IRTF065 TFDET065 cTnC (Slow/Cardiac Troponin C )
c-Ets-1 BITF068 IRTF068 TFDET068 c-Ets-1A; p54c-Ets-1; p54; Ets1; c-Ets-1 54
c-fos BP BITF069 IRTF069 TFDET069 c-fos enhancer-binding protein
c-Myb (1) BITF070 IRTF070 TFDET070 c-Myb(1): v-myb myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)
c-Myb (2) BITF071 IRTF071 TFDET071 c-myb binding protein
c-Myc BITF072 IRTF072 TFDET072 c-myc responsive region
CP1/CTF/CBTF BITF076 IRTF076 TFDET076 CCAAT-box-binding transcription factor
CP-1B BITF077 IRTF077 TFDET077 CBF-B (rat); NF-YA (mouse); HAP2 (yeast); CP-1B
CP-2 BITF078 IRTF078 TFDET078 CP-2; alpha-CP2; LBP-1c
CPE BITF079 IRTF079 TFDET070 Cap proximal element
CREB (1) BITF081 IRTF081 TFDET081 CREB(1): cAMP responsive element binding protein
CREB (h) BITF082 IRTF082 TFDET082 ATF-47 (human); CREB-341; CREBalpha; CREB-B
CREB-2 BITF083 IRTF083 TFDET083 Cyclic AMP response element binding protein B. An ATF/CREB transcription factor that can negatively regulate transcription from the cAMP response element.
CREB-BP-1 BITF084 IRTF084 TFDET084 cAMP response element binding protein
c-Rel BITF085 IRTF085 TFDET085 NFkB p75kDa protein
CSBP BITF086 IRTF086 TFDET086 conserved sequence-binding protein 1
CTCF BITF087 IRTF087 TFDET087 CCCTC binding factor
CTEP/CRE BITF067 IRTF067 TFDET067 Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (C ETP) cholesterol response element
CYP1A1 BITF088 IRTF088 TFDET088 cytochrome P450-c

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