EMSA Probes: M-O


   A. Prices and catalog numbers for EMSA probes

Probes Catalog# Assays
Prices ($) Description
Used for EMSA, Competitive EMSA, Supershift EMSA,, or purification of DNA/RNA binding proteins.
100 159
TF000BP 30x3 159 For 3 different ready probes, 30 assays for each.
IR Fluo-
135 Fast results for EMSA, Competitive EMSA, or Supershift EMSA.
100 199
TF000IR 30x3 199 For 3 different ready probes, 30 assays for each.
cold probes
TFxxxCP 6
Used for Competitive EMSA.
12 65
mutant probes
TFxxxMP 6
Used for Competitive EMSA.
12 89
Notes: 1) XXX is the mark# for each DNA-binding protein (see below). 2) When ordering, number of assays must be added after catalog#. 3) Contact us for ordering Gel-stain EMSA kits, which are only good for detecting PURIFIED proteins.


B. Probe Groups A--C D--G H--L M--O P--R S--Z
IR Fluo-
MASH1 TF227BP TF227IR TF227CP TF227MP mammalian achaete-scute homolog 1; ASH-1;
MAZ (1)   TF228BP TF228IR TF228CP TF228MP MYC-associated zinc finger protein (purine-binding transcription factor)
MAZ (2)   TF229BP TF229IR TF229CP TF229MP MYC-associated zinc finger protein
MBP1 (1)   TF230BP TF230IR TF230CP TF230MP HIV-EP1; MHC-binding protein 1; PRDII-BF1
mck promoter E1 TF232BP TF232IR TF232CP TF232MP myc-promoter binding protein
mck promoter E2 TF233BP TF233IR TF233CP TF233MP muscle-type creatine kinase E2 site
MDBP TF235BP TF235IR TF235CP TF235MP methylated DNA-binding protein
MEF-1  TF236BP TF236IR TF236CP TF236MP MEF-1: Myocyte enhancing factor1
MEF2 TF238BP TF238IR TF238CP TF238MP myelin gene expression factor 2
MEF2a  TF240BP TF240IR TF240CP TF240MP MADS box transcription enhancer factor 2
MEF-3 TF010BP TF010IR TF010CP TF010MP myelin gene expression factor 3
mfh1  TF242BP TF242IR TF242CP TF242MP Mesenchyme fork head 1; Fkh-14; Fork head homologue 14;
MHC gene promoter W box TF243BP TF243IR TF243CP TF243MP MHC class II Ebeta
MRE TF244BP TF244IR TF244CP TF244MP Metal Response Element
MSP-1  TF245BP TF245IR TF245CP TF245MP SAA with SP1 binding site removed
msx-1/2/3 TF246BP TF246IR TF246CP TF246MP Ghox-8 (chick); Hox-8; Chox-8 (c hick); Quox-7 (quail); Hox-8.1;
MT Box TF247BP TF247IR TF247CP TF247MP tentative new binding domain, identified in differen tiation system, located in hTERT promotoer
MTB-Zf  TF248BP TF248IR TF248CP TF248MP cis- regulatory element (MTE) binding protein
MTF-1 TF249BP TF249IR TF249CP TF249MP MRE-binding transcription factor-1
MUSF-1 TF250BP TF250IR TF250CP TF250MP SAA with USF binding site removed
Myb TF251BP TF251IR TF251CP TF251MP Myb(2)
Myc/CFI TF252BP TF252IR TF252CP TF252MP common factor 1; CF1;
Myc-Max   TF253BP TF253IR TF253CP TF253MP myc-associated factor X
MycPRF TF254BP TF254IR TF254CP TF254MP A transcriptional repressor of c-myc
MyoD TF255BP TF255IR TF255CP TF255MP myogenic factor D
MyoG TF256BP TF256IR TF256CP TF256MP myogenic factor G
MyTI  TF257BP TF257IR TF257CP TF257MP myelin transcription factor I
MZF-1  TF258BP TF258IR TF258CP TF258MP zinc finger protein 42 (myeloid-specific reti noic acid- responsive)
MZF-1 TF259BP TF259IR TF259CP TF259MP myeloid zinc finger 1
N ras BP TF287BP TF287IR TF287CP TF287MP N-ras promoter region
NCAM BP TF262BP TF262IR TF262CP TF262MP neural cell adhesion molecule
NF-1 TF264BP TF264IR TF264CP TF264MP CTF; NF-I; TGGCA- binding protein
NF-1/L  TF265BP TF265IR TF265CP TF265MP NF-1/L; RPF-A (hamster); NF-1A1.1 (chick); NF-I/L
NF-A  TF267BP TF267IR TF267CP TF267MP oct-B1A; oct-B1B; NF-A2; NF-A1; IgNF-A
NF-A3 TF268BP TF268IR TF268CP TF268MP Nuclear factor A3
NFAT TF269BP TF269IR TF269CP TF269MP NFAT(1): nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic,
NF-Atp TF271BP TF271IR TF271CP TF271MP NFII-a; NF-ATc2; NF-IL2E; NF-AT1;
NF-Atx TF272BP TF272IR TF272CP TF272MP NFATx, a novel member of the nuclear factor of activated T cells family that is expressed predominantly in the Thymus
NF-E1/YY1 TF273BP TF273IR TF273CP TF273MP YY1 transcription factor
NF-E2 (1)   TF274BP TF274IR TF274CP TF274MP NF-E2(1): nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2), 45kDa
NFE-6/CP1 TF276BP TF276IR TF276CP TF276MP A highly conserved enhancer downstream of the human MLC1/3 locus is a target for multiple myogenic determination factors
NF-Gma (2) TF278BP TF278IR TF278CP TF278MP NF-Gma(2)
NF-IL2   TF279BP TF279IR TF279CP TF279MP 5' upstream activating sequences (UAS) of the human IL-2 gene
NF-KB, NFkB TF001BP TF001IR TF001CP TF001MP Nuclear factor kappa B
NFkBp65 TF282BP TF282IR TF282CP TF282MP Nuclear factor kappa B p65
NF-Y (1) TF283BP TF283IR TF283CP TF283MP NF-Y(1), also known as CBF (CCAAT-binding factor), was first identified as a protein that binds to the Y box of MHC (major histocompatibility complex) class II E promoters
Nkx-1.5 TF285BP TF285IR TF285CP TF285MP cardiogenic homeodomain
NPAS-2 TF286BP TF286IR TF286CP TF286MP neuronal PAS domain protein 2
NRF-1 TF288BP TF288IR TF288CP TF288MP nuclear respiratory factor 1
NRF-2 TF289BP TF289IR TF289CP TF289MP nuclear respiratory factor 2
NZF-3 TF290BP TF290IR TF290CP TF290MP neural zinc finger factor 3
OBP TF291BP TF291IR TF291CP TF291MP the viral origin binding protein
Oct1 TF292BP TF292IR TF292CP TF292MP POU2F1: POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 1
Oct (2) TF293BP TF293IR TF293CP TF293MP Oct2
Oct3 TF294BP TF294IR TF294CP TF294MP Oct-3A; Oct-5; Oct-4A; NF-A3; Oct-3
Oct (4) TF295BP TF295IR TF295CP TF295MP B2 octamer binding factor
ODC TF296BP TF296IR TF296CP TF296MP ODC (ornithine decarboxylase)
ORE TF297BP TF297IR TF297CP TF297MP osmotic response element

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