EMSA Probes: P-R


    A. Prices and catalog numbers for EMSA probes

Probes Catalog# Assays
Prices ($) Description
Used for EMSA, Competitive EMSA, Supershift EMSA,, or purification of DNA/RNA binding proteins.
100 159
TF000BP 30x3 159 For 3 different ready probes, 30 assays for each.
IR Fluo-
135 Fast results for EMSA, Competitive EMSA, or Supershift EMSA.
100 199
TF000IR 30x3 199 For 3 different ready probes, 30 assays for each.
cold probes
TFxxxCP 6
Used for Competitive EMSA.
12 65
mutant probes
TFxxxMP 6
Used for Competitive EMSA.
12 89
Notes: 1) XXX is the mark# for each DNA-binding protein (see below). 2) When ordering, number of assays must be added after catalog#. 3) Contact us for ordering Gel-stain EMSA kits, which are only good for detecting PURIFIED proteins.


B. Probe Groups A--C D--G H--L M--O P--R S--Z
IR Fluo-
p300 TF318BP TF318IR TF318CP TF318MP p300 coactivator
p53(1) TF319BP TF319IR TF319CP TF319MP TP53: tumor protein p53(1)
p53(2) TF320BP TF320IR TF320CP TF320MP p53(2)
p53(3) TF321BP TF321IR TF321CP TF321MP Tumor protein p53
p55 TF322BP TF322IR TF322CP TF322MP p55kDa was induced by TPA and interaction with the cdc2 promoter in R-box dependent manner.
PARP TF323BP TF323IR TF323CP TF323MP poly(ADP-ribose) synthetase/polymerase
PAX-1 TF324BP TF324IR TF324CP TF324MP Pax-1DNA-binding transcription factor
PAX-2(1) TF325BP TF325IR TF325CP TF325MP paired box gene 2(gene5/gene8)
PAX-2(2) TF326BP TF326IR TF326CP TF326MP Pax-2DNA-binding transcription factor
PAX-3 TF327BP TF327IR TF327CP TF327MP paired box gene 3
PAX-4 TF328BP TF328IR TF328CP TF328MP paired box gene 4
PAX-5(1) TF329BP TF329IR TF329CP TF329MP PAX5(1): paired box gene 5 (B-cell lineage specific activator protein)
PAX-5(2) TF330BP TF330IR TF330CP TF330MP Pax5 is required for the early stages of B-cell differentiation, Pax-5DNA-binding transcription factor
PAX-6(1) TF331BP TF331IR TF331CP TF331MP Pax-6 plays an essential role in the development and  function of glucagon-pro-ducing cells in both pancreatic and intestinal endodermal lineages
PAX-6(2) TF332BP TF332IR TF332CP TF332MP Pax-6(1)  
PAX-8 TF333BP TF333IR TF333CP TF333MP paired box gene 8
PBGD BP TF334BP TF334IR TF334CP TF334MP porphobilinogen deaminase
Pbx-1 TF335BP TF335IR TF335CP TF335MP PBX-1: pre-B-cell leukemia transcription factor 1
PCF TF336BP TF336IR TF336CP TF336MP Promoter-linked coupling element
PEA3/HIP TF337BP TF337IR TF337CP TF337MP Housekeeping Initiator Protein 1
PEBP Probe Set TF338BP TF338IR TF338CP TF338MP polyoma enhancer binding protein probe set
PEBP-2 (1) TF339BP TF339IR TF339CP TF339MP polyoma enhancer binding protein 2(1)
PEBP-2 (2) TF340BP TF340IR TF340CP TF340MP MyNF1; polyomavirus enhancer-binding protein 2; core binding factor; PEA2;
PEPCK PR GR TF341BP TF341IR TF341CP TF341MP PEPCK (phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase);  glucocorticoid receptor; GR-DBD
(GR DNA-binding domain); GCR
Pit-1 (1) TF298BP TF298IR TF298CP TF298MP POU1F1: POU domain, class 1, transcription factor 1 (Pit-1, growth ho rmone factor 1)
Pit-1 (2) TF299BP TF299IR TF299CP TF299MP GHF-1; Pit-1b; pituitary-specific positive transcription factor
Pit-1 (3) TF300BP TF300IR TF300CP TF300MP GHF-1; Pit-1b; pituitary-specific positive transcription factor
PO-B TF301BP TF301IR TF301CP TF301MP Stimulatory factor, binds at -15 in proopiomelanocortin (POMC) gene; unusal
location for a promoter binding site; candi date factor, cloned using PO-B binding
site, is a phosphoprotein that resembles DNA ligases and repair enzymes
PPAR (1) TF303BP TF303IR TF303CP TF303MP peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha
PPAR (2) TF304BP TF304IR TF304CP TF304MP peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma
PPUR (1) TF305BP TF305IR TF305CP TF305MP purine-rich sequences binding sequence
PPUR (2) TF306BP TF306IR TF306CP TF306MP purine-rich sequences binding sequence
PRDI-BFc TF307BP TF307IR TF307CP TF307MP an inducible factor that  binds to a positive regulatory element of the human
beta-interferon gene
PRDII-BF1 TF308BP TF308IR TF308CP TF308MP alphaA-crystallin binding protein I
PRE TF309BP TF309IR TF309CP TF309MP Progesterone Response Element, Progesterone receptor
PREB TF310BP TF310IR TF310CP TF310MP a Growth Hormone Gene Promoter Repressor
PTF-1 TF311BP TF311IR TF311CP TF311MP pancreas specific transcription factor
PTF-beta TF312BP TF312IR TF312CP TF312MP pancreas specific transcription factor
PU.1 TF313BP TF313IR TF313CP TF313MP Spi-1; NF-JB; B1. acts as an activator or as a repressor;  after phosphorylation at Ser-148 by CK II, PU.1 recruits NF-EM5 to bind to DNA resulting in pronounced transcriptional activation; PU .1 interferes with the commitment of erythroblast to differentiate;
PUR TF315BP TF315IR TF315CP TF315MP Pur factor
Pur-1 TF316BP TF316IR TF316CP TF316MP MYC-associated zinc finger protein (purine-binding transcription factor)
PYR TF317BP TF317IR TF317CP TF317MP pyrimidine-rich domain binding factor
RAR/DR-5 TF342BP TF342IR TF342CP TF342MP RAR: retinoic acid receptor
TF343BP TF343IR TF343CP TF343MP retinoid A receptor; retinoid X receptor  alphaCF1(chorion factor 1; Ultraspiracle; USP; XR2C; NR2B4)
RB TF344BP TF344IR TF344CP TF344MP retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein
RFX-1/2/3(1) TF345BP TF345IR TF345CP TF345MP Regulatory Factor X (RFX)
RFX-1/2/3 (2) TF346BP TF346IR TF346CP TF346MP a transactivator of hepatitis B virus enha ncer I, belongs to a novel family of homodimeric and heterodimeric DNA-binding proteins
RIPE-3a1 TF348BP TF348IR TF348CP TF348MP rat insulin promoter element 3(RIPE-3a1)  can confer either positive regulation in insulin-producing cells
RORE TF349BP TF349IR TF349CP TF349MP A Biotin labeled probe inte nded for use with Panomics EMSA Kits. Each Labeled TF probe is accompanied wi th 25 µL of Cold Probe ( 330 ng/µL), its unlabeled form.
RREB(1) TF350BP TF350IR TF350CP TF350MP Ras-responsive element binding protein 1
RREB(2) TF351BP TF351IR TF351CP TF351MP Ras-responsive element binding protein 2
RSRFC4 TF352BP TF352IR TF352CP TF352MP MADS box transcription enhancer factor 2 ( related to  serum response factor, C4)
RUNX1 TF431BP TF431IR TF431CP TF431MP Runt-related transcription factor 1 (RUNX1) also known as acute myeloid leukemia 1 protein (AML1) or core-binding factor subunit alpha-2 (CBFA2)
RUNX2 TF432BP TF432IR TF432CP TF432MP Runt-related transcription factor 2 (RUNX2) also known as core-binding factor subunit alpha-1 (CBF-alpha-1)
RXR/DR-1 TF354BP TF354IR TF354CP TF354MP RXR: retinoid X receptor

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