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The ECL-based general (see price information) and complete (see price information) EMSA kits using biotin-probes, developed by our scientists have been marketed for many years and used by thousands of research labs with hundreds of published articles in which our EMSA reagents were used. Viagene scientists are continuously improving our line of products and have created products with the key features of higher efficiency, faster results, simpler operation and lower prices. As DIG labeling EMSA was found to have low sensitivity and involved complicated procedures, Viagene decided not to develop any DIG-related EMSA product. On the other hand, we found that EMSAs using infrared fluorescent dye-labeled probes have high sensitivity and rapid EMSA results, but aggregates could be a problem. Our scientists solved aggregate problems, and developed general (see price information) and complete (see price information) EMSA kits based on using Infrared fluorescence imagers. Now, Viagene is able to provide 3 different EMSAs for detecting the activity of the same transcription factor. The following chart is the comparison among these methods.

  A. Comparison of three methods

  Probe Staining EMSA IRFluo-Probe EMSA Biotin-Probe EMSA
Complete kits c# GSTFxxx IRTFxxx BITFxxx
General kits c# -
Probes Non-labeling Infrared dye labeled Biotin labeled
Use Poly[dI:dC] No Yes Yes
Electrophoresis ~70 min ~70 min ~70 min
Devices needed electrophoresis devices, digital Camera or imagers. electrophoresis devices, 700nm imagers or scanners (Li Cor Odyssey recommended). electrophoresis devices, x-ray film and film chemicals & developer, or imagers for ECL.
Sensitivity Low High High
Total Detection ~2.5 hours 2-2.5 hours 5-6 hours
DNA staining Yes - -
Protein usage 20-25ug 2-5ug 2-5ug
Cell or tissue Lysates Purified protein only Cell lysates or purified proteins Cell lysates or purified proteins

B. Principles and major procedure

   Direct Staining Probe    IRFluo-labeled Probe    Biotin-labeled Probe
Infrared EMSA  Biotin/ECL EMSA

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