General EMSA kits


A. General EMSA kits and prices:

Products Catalog# Description Pack Price $
Coolshift-BId SIDET101 ECL DNA EMSA kit for biotin-labeled probes (Munual). 100 277
CoolShift-BIr SIDET102 ECL RNA EMSA kit for biotin-labeled probes (Munual). 100 399
Coolshift-IRd SIDET201 Infrared dye DNA EMSA kit for IR Fluo-probes (Munual). 100 199
Coolshift-IRr  SIDET202 Infrared dye RNA EMSA kit for IR Fluo- probes (Munual). 100 298

EMSA (electrophoretic mobility shift assay, mobility shift or gel shift) is a classic technology for detecting activated nucleic acid-binding proteins, most of which are transcriptional factors).

General non-radioactive EMSA kits don't include 1) nucleic acid probes and 2) nucleic acid-binding membranes. For using these kits, customers need to prepare biotin- or IR Fluo-labeled nucleic acid probes. Viagene provides 4 types of general EMSA Kits: 1) DNA EMSA using biotin-probes, 2) RNA EMSA using biotin-probes, 3) DNA EMSA using IR Fluo-probes, 4) RNA EMSA using IR Fluo-probes.

The kits using biotin-probes are similar to Light Shift EMSA of Thermo Fisher, but costs are much less. Our kits doesn't include EBNA (Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen) as controls because we think the EBNA control is unnecessary for regular EMSA (detail).

For RNA EMSA, IR EMSA RNA kit (SIDET202) is highly recommended because its simple operation and fast results, which would reduce the decay of RNA probe.  

B. Features of general EMSA kits:

(1) Non-radioactive EMAS.
(2) Long storage. Keeping kits at proper condition, they can keep >1 year, ready to use at any time.
(3) Operation is very simple and all steps after gel-electrophoresis are omitted.
(4) Fast results, 2-5 hours.
(5) Including Poly[dI:dC] for reducing non-specific interaction of nucleic acid and proteins.
(6) Suitable for variety of nucleic acid-protein interaction.
(7) Including several reagents for optimizing the interaction of nucleic acid and proteins.


C. General EMSA kits and their components:

  Coolshift-BId Coolshift-BIr  Coolshift-IRd Coolshift-IRr
DNA Binding Buf vial - vial
RNA Binding Buf - vial - vial
Poly (dI: dC) vial - vial -
tRNA - vial - vial
Biotin-probe option option - -
IR Fluo-probe - - option option
option option option option
option option option option
DNA Loading
vial - - -
RNA Loading
- vial - -
DNA Loading
- - vial -
RNA Loading
- - - vial
RNase inhibitor - vial - vial
Streptavidin-HRP vial vial - -
Blocking Buf bottle bottle - -
Washing Buf bottle bottle- - -
Equilibration Solution bottle bottle- - -
option option - -
CL, Sol. A **
bottle bottle - -
CL, Sol. B **
bottle bottle - -
MgCL2 vial vial vial vial
KCL vial vial vial vial
NP40 vial vial vial vial
Glycerol vial vial vial vial
EDTA vial vial vial vial
User Manual set set set set
Notes; 1) All solution used for RNA EMSA are RNase-free. 2) Performing RNA EMSA should be at RNase-free environments. **) Lightgen®-CL is for x-ray films and Lightgen®-HL is used for imagers.

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