Sample Prep.


Increased awareness of cellular proteins as potential drug targets or as biological markers for the detection of disease conditions necessitates the development of new protein sample preparation techniques from tissue or cells. Viagene Biotech provides a variety of sample preparation kits, categorized based on how and where they work as follows:

Catalog# Products Description Pack Price $
SINP001 Cell Nuc. extration Prep., native cell nuclear extraction 50 sampl. 99
SINP002 Cytoplasma extraction Prep., native sytoplasma extraction 50 sampl. 79
SINP003 Membrane extraction Prep., native membrane extraction 50 sampl. 99
SINP004 Whole cell extraction Prep., native whole cell extraction 50 sampl. 99
SINP005 Cell Nuc. SDS Prep., SDS nuclear protein 50 sampl. 109
SINP006 Cytoplasma SDS Prep., SDS plasmic protein 50 sampl. 99
SINP007 Membrane SDS Prep., SDS membrane protein 50 sampl. 79
SINP008 Whole Cell SDS Prep., SDS whole cell protein 5mL/btl 45
SINP009 Blood proteins SDS Prep., SDS blood cells w/o RBC 50mL/set 55
CBRC009 Red blood cell SDS Prep., red blood cell SDS 50mL/set 69
CBRC010 Blood Mono-isolation Prep., mononuclear cell isolation 1 set 69
SINP011 Mononuclear extract. Prep., native mononuclear extraction 100ml/set 99
SINP012 Pre-EMSA Pre-reatment of cells for EMSA 50 sampl. 79
CHEM151 BCA-native [protein] BCA, native protein concentration 100ml/set 89
CHEM152 BCA-SDS [protein] BCA, SDS protein concentration 100ml/set 89



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