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TransEZ CBCH001a Fast transfection reagent 1.2ml/vial 145
TransEZ CBCH002b Fast transfection reagent 0.6ml/vial 99


TransEZ, a transfection Transfection rate reagent, is comprised of synthetic, positively charged lipids with the capacity to form a functional complex with nucleic acids and to transport the complex into mammalian cells. Highlighted Features are as follows:

High transfection efficiency, low cytotoxicity.
The transfection is very easy and fast.
Suitable for a wide range of eukaryotic cells.
Add nucleic acid/TransEZ Mixtures to medium in the presence or absence of serum & antibiotics.
Transfection can be done in minutes.
Unnecessary to change or add Transfection rate2 medium after transfection.
Suitable for both transient and stable transfection.

Tested cell lines:

293F, CHO-S, HEY, PC3, 293H, COS-1, Jurkat, SF188, B16, COS7-L, LNcaP, SKOV3, Caco-2, H460, MMRU, U87, CHO-K1, HeLa, NIH3T3, Vero...




TransEZ picture/GFP


Human K562, PC3 and HCT-116 cell lines were transfected
with TransEZ/GFP-Vector complex.   



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