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EMSA Products

Viagene provides hundreds of non-radioactive labeled EMSA kits, including: 1) >100 complete ECL-based kits with biotin-labeled probes, 2) >100 complete infrared (IR) fluorescence based kits with IRFluo-labeled probes, 3) General reagent kits for ECL(biotin)-based EMSA, and 4) General reagent kits for infrared (IRFluo)-based (details).

iPSC & Cell Lines

Viagene Biotech provides: 1) iPSC cells ready to use, 2) Cell lines for making iPSC or for the study of signaling pathways (details). 

Molecular Probes

Viagene provides a broad variety of non-radioactive labeled probes, including: 1) >100 pre-made biotin-labeled probes, 2) >100 pre-made infra-red (IR) Fluorescence-labeled probes, 3) non-labeled competitive (cold) probes and 4) non-labeled mutated probes for EMSA. Click this link to see the list of the ready probes (details).


Viagene Biotech provides Chemiluminescence Imagers, Transilluminators and related reagents for efficient high quality results using these instruments (details)...

Sample Preparation

Viagene Biotech provides reagents and kits for preparation of 1) nuclear proteins, 2) cytosol proteins, 3) membrane proteins, 4) protein samples for Western blotting, immunoassays and immunoprecipitates (IP), and EMSA (details)...

Molecular Hybridization

Viagene Biotech Provides non-radioactive hybridization kits (Southern & Northern Blotting), probes & related products and services (details)...

DNA/RNA Analysis

Viagene Biotech provides reagents for DNA preparation, DNA/RNA staining and analysis (details)...

Chemicals & Labware

Chemicals, consumable reagents and labware (details)... 

Technical Services

The scientists at Viagene Biotech have extensive experience in performing the following services: 1) EMSA assays, 2) EMSA Probe design and synthesis, 3) CHiP Services, 4) Molecular Hybridization, 5) iPSC generation and differentiation (details)...
Custom Probes
Viagene offers customer service for preparation of Biotin-labeled probes at highly competitive prices. Please contact us for the price. (details)... 



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