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BIBX001 CoolBlue480 LED Transilluminator(480nm) set 399
BIBX002 Cool-UV300 LED Transilluminator (300nM) set 569
BIBX003 CoolUV400 LED Transilluminator (400nm) set 569
BIBX004 CoolRed620 LED Transilluminator (620nm) set 499
BIBX005 Cool-IR680 LED Transilluminator (680nm) set 599


A. Blue-light Transilluminator for Non-EthBr (CAT#: BIBL001)

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Although Ethidium Bromide (EthBr) is one of the most widely used nucleic acid stains in molecular biology laboratories, it is notoriously unsafe. Not only is it a very strong mutagen, it may also be a carcinogen or teratogen. Fortunately, there are many safer alternative DNA dyes, such as CoolStar, GelStar®, GelGreen™, SYBR® Green I and II, and SYBR® Gold for DNA/RNA staining. Most of these fluorescent dyes require a blue excitation light. CoolBlue is a blue light transilluminator for viewing fluorescent or fluorescently stained/labeled molecules that require a 440-490nm excitation light. CoolBlue comes with an amber cover and a pair of amber glasses as the cutoff filters to block excitation light and for easy visualizing and handling of fluorophores. Viagene Biotech also provides other transilluminators with a spectrum from UV-Vis to Infrared light.


• Safe Visible Blue Light

•  Sensitivity > other brand transilluminators

•  Real-time monitoring for Gel-electrophoresis

•  No damage to DNA/RNA

•  Easy recovery of DNA fragments from Gels

• Competitive price 

B. Other Transilluminators for Fluorescence proteins.





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