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DCSR200 CoolStar 200 200ul 79 Non-EthBr DNA/RNA dyes
DCSR500 CoolStar 500 500ul 149 Non-EthBr DNA/RNA dyes

Non-ethidium bromide DNA/RNA staining dyes (Cat# DDY101, DCSR50Non EthBr0 & DCSR200)

Viagene Biotech has developed the nucleic acid gel stains , CoolBlue and CoolStar, for DNA-gel staining and Gel-stain EMSA. These stains are new-generation fluorescent nucleic acid gel stains designed to replace the highly mutagenic and carcinogenic ethidium bromide (EthBr). These CoolStarTM dyes are
superior to EthBr by virtue of having a combination of high sensitivity, low toxicity, and great stability.

EthBr has been widely used for nucleic acid gel staining becauseNon-EthBr Dyes of its low cost and generally sufficient sensitivity. However, EthBr is highly toxic. The safety hazard and costs associated with decontamination and waste disposal can ultimately make the dye expensive and inconvenient to use.

◊ High Sensitivity.
◊ No Band-shift when prestaining DNA is used.
◊ Safer than EB. Shown by Ames test and other tests to be non-mutagenic and non-cytotoxic.
◊ Stable at room temperature.
◊ Compatible with standard blue LED and UV transilluminators.
◊ Use with blue light reduces mutagenesis for gel excision and subsequent cloning.
◊ No damage to RNA/DNA sample.


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