DNA/RNA Analysis


Viagene provides non-radioactive kits for Southern and Northern hybridization. These kits do not include probes. For making hybridization probes, Viagene provides DNA/RNA Biotin labeling kits (PCR-, Random- or End-labeling). Viagene also offers technical service for preparation of Biotin-labeled probes at very competitive prices. Please contact us for the price.

Catalog# Products Description Pack Price $
MBSB001a CSouth10 Non-Radioactive Southern Hybridization Reagents, detecting Target DNA 10/kit 376
MBSB001b CSouth05 Non-Radioactive Northern Hybridization for Detecting Target RNA 5/Kit 215
NRBN013a CNorth10 Non-Radioactive Northern Hybridization for Detecting Target RNA 10/kit 397
NRBN013b CNorth5 Non-Radioactive Northern Hybridization for Detecting Target RNA 5/kit 235
NRBN003 DNA-Blk Non-Radioactive Southern Blocking Solution 66mL 55
NRBN004 DNA-Mbr Non-Radioactive Southern Trans-blot membranes 4/box 38
NRBN005 HRP-INd Streptavidin-HRP incubation buffer for DNA 5 blots 50
NRBN006 StrpHRPd Streptavidin-HRP for DNA 100ul 89
NRBN007 DNA-Wsh Washing Sol. for Hybridization 66ml 45
NRBN009 RNA-Blk Non-Radioactive Northern Blocking Solution 100ml 75
NRBN010 RNA-Mbr Non-Radioactive Northern Trans-blot Membranes 1/bag 55
NRBN011a HRPINr10 Streptavidin-HRP Incubation Buffer for RNA 10 blots 65
NRBN011b HRPINr05 Streptavidin-HRP Incubation Buffer, Northern 5 blots 65
NRBN012 StrpHRPr Streptavidin-HRP, Northern Hybridization 100ul 65
NRBN013 RNAwSHr Non-Radioactive Northern Wash Solution 55ml 55
NRBN014 RNAequR Non-Radioactive Northern, equilibrant Buffer 66ml 35
NRBN015 B-Marker Biotin-labeled DNA Marker 20 loadings 89
NRBN016 DLb-PCR DNA PCR Biotin-labeling 5 reaction 89
NRBN017 DLb_Nick DNA Nick-labeling, Biotin 5 reaction 89
NRBN018 DLb-Rndm DNA Random-label, Biotin 5 reaction 99
NRBN019 DLB-End DNA End-label with Biotin 5 reactions 89
SERV008 DothbrSV Dot-Bot Hybridization Customer Service 96 samples contact
SERV009 BprobeSV Biotin-Probe Preparation 200 reactions contact
SERV010 SouthSV1 Southern Hybridization Customer Service 20 samples contact
SERV011 SouthSV2 Southern Hybridization Customer Service 10 samples contact
SERV012 NorthSV1 Northern Hybridization Customer Service 20 samples contact


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