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CHiP service

Viagene Biotech provides a variety of CHiP services for determining the status of DNA/RNA-protein binding in vivo. When positive CHiP results are obtained, EMSA is usually required to conform the specificity of DNA/RNA-protein binding (detail). Please contact us for CHiP services.

Custom probe

Viagene Biotech provides not only hundreds of premade (ready) probes but also provides custom probe services for: 1) biotin-labeled probes, 2) IRFluo-labeled probes, 3) non-labeled detection probes, 4) non-labeled competitive (cold) probes, 5) non-labeled mutant probes. Viagene sells premade (ready) probes and custom probe service at very competitive prices (detail).

EMSA Service

Viagene Biotech Biotech provides a variety of EMSA and EMSA-related services, including: 1) nuclear protein extraction/isolation, 2) nuclear protein concentration determination, 3) regular EMSA, 4) competitive EMSA, 5) supershift EMSA, and 6) DNA/RNA binding protein purification/isolation (detail).

iPSC services
Viagene Biotech provides iPSC services including 1) reprograming cells to iPSC and 2) iPSC/stem cell differentiation (detail).
Molecular hybridization
Viagene Biotech provides Southern/Northern/dot hybridization services including 1) sample preparation/isolation, 2) blotting and 3) hybridization and detection (detail).
Gene recombination
Viagene Biotech provides a variety of molecular cloning including 1) sample isolation/preparation, 2) gene engineering, 3) clone identification, 3) gene expressing and 4) purification of expressed proteins (detail).


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