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Viagene Biotech provides a variety of EMSA & EMSA-related services as follows:

EMSA sample preparation

Viagene Biotech provides a variety of EMSA services (detail). The features of our service are 1) we have extensive experience, serviced hundreds of customers. 2) we have facility to carry out any EMSA or EMSA-related services (see detail).

Nuclear protein concentration

Viagene developed a modified BCA kit for detecting nuclear protein concentration. The kit would provide a reliable result when used with Viagene's nuclear protein extraction kit (see detail).


Viagene Biotech provides custom services for DNA EMSA at very competitive prices. After completion of the experiment in our laboratories, a report is provided, including: 1) the procedure used for nuclear sample preparation, 2) protein concentration with a standard curve, 3) lab records for EMSA, 4) the list of reagents and equipment used, 5) explanation of results, and 6) original digital images suitable for publication (see detail)

Competitive EMSA

Viagene Biotech provides competitive EMSA services to confirm the specificity of the binding of DNA/RNA and protein of interest (see introduction & price information).

Supershift EMSA

Viagene Biotech provides supershift EMSA services to confirm identification of the DNA/RNA-binding protein of interest or to identify a specific subunit of DNA/RNA-binding proteins. (see introduction & price information).

DNA/RNA binding protein purification

For identifying a DNA/RNA-binding protein, isolating/purifying a protein is necessary via a column with immobilized protein-binding DNA/RNA. Then the purified protein can be identified by a technique via mass spectrometer. Please contect us for this service.

Custom EMSA probes

Viagene Biotech provides custom non-radioactive EMSA probe services, including biotin or IR fluorophore labeling (see detail)



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