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EMSA service
Viagene Biotech provides a variety of EMSA services (detail). The features of our service are 1) we have extensive experience, serviced hundreds of customers. 2) we have facility to carry out any EMSA or EMSA-related services (detail).

Custom probes

Although Viagene Biotech carries hundreds of EMSA kits for detecting the activation of various transcription factors, researchers may still require probes that are not in our inventory. In this case, customers can contact us for their specific probe needs (detail).

CHiP services
Viagene Biotech provides a variety of CHiP services for detecting the status of DNA/RNA-protein bindings in vivo. Those obtained positive EMSA may need ChiP in some circumstances. For those obtained positive CHiP, EMSA are usually required to conform the specificity of DNA/RNA-protein binding (detail).

iPSC services

Viagene Biotech provides iPSC services including 1) reprograming cells to iPSC and 2) iPSC/stem cell differentiation (detail).

Molecular hybridization

Viagene Biotech provides Southern/Northern/dot hybridization services including 1) sample preparation/isolation, 2) blotting and 3) hybridization and detection (detail).
ExpressVector constructions
Viagene Biotech provides a variety of services including 1) sample isolation/preparation, 2) Express-Vector constructions,  identification, expressing & purification of expressed proteins (detail).





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