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See detail Custom EMSA probes vary vary For non-radioactive EMSA
See detail Custom DNA/RNA probes vary vary For DNA/RNA hybridization

More and more researchers are using non-radioactive techniques for DNA, RNA, or Protein detection. Non-radioactive detection primarily is dependent on use of chemiluminescence catalyzed by HRP, AKP and other enzymes. The development of enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) increases greatly the sensitivity of detection. The sensitivity of chemiluminescence for Southern, Northern and Western Blotting is markedly higher than that using radioisotopes. An additional benefit is that obtaining images with chemiluminescence usually takes a few minutes, whereas obtaining autoradiographs with radioisotope-labeled molecules takes 16-48 hours.

In preparation of DNA/RNA-based non-radioactive probes, biotin, DIG and fluorescein are most commonly used. Among these labeling molecules, biotin is most widely used because of its chemical stability, high affinity, fast binding time, small molecular weight and compact structure. The major technology developed by Viagene Biotech is high sensitivity non-radioactive detection based on HRP-induced chemiluminescence. We have provided services to our customers in life science research with non-radioactive detection kits since 2006. We extensive experience in custom synthesizing non-radioactive probes with either biotin or fluorescein labeling.

A. Custom Preparation of Biotin- or IRFluo-Probes for EMSA (see detail)

Although Viagene Biotech carries hundreds of EMSA ready probes for detecting the activation of various transcription factors, researchers may still require probes that are not in our inventory. In this case, customers can contact us for their specific probe needs and we can search our data base. If newly synthesizing a probe is necessary, we charge our customers at the price lower than other companies. The extra probe preparation that we do includes: 1) preparation of the double-strand probe, 2) dot-blot determination of the labeling efficiency via chemiluminescence, 3) and providing the working diluents. Thus, our customers will receive the probes ready for performing EMSA.

B. Custom Synthesis of Biotin- or Fluo-labeled Probes for DNA/RNA Hybridization (See detail).

Viagene sells non-radioactive kits for DNA/RNA (Southern/Northern) hybridization. For using these kits, customers need to prepare biotin-labeled probes. Viagene provides DNA/RNA Biotin labeling kits (PCR-, Random- or End-labeling) for making non-radioactive probes. Viagene also offers technical services for preparation of Biotin- or IR Fluo-labeled probes at highly competitive prices (See detail).

C. The procedure for ordering custom probes.

1. Customers contact Viagene for ordering custom probes.
2. Viagene Biotech send the price information to customers (see price for custom EMSA probes).
3. Customers confirm if the prices are acceptable.
4. Customers provide DNA or RNA sequence of probe(s) with references for the probe.
5. Viagene checks probe information and references.
6. Viagene send a quote to customers. Customers send payment or P.O. to Viagene Biotech.
6. Viagene Biotech makes probes according to what customers required. Viagene have the right to modify the length of probes to make non-radioactive probes to work with DNA/RNA or protein detections.
7. Ordering custom probes takes 5-7 working days.
8. Viagene Biotech ships the probes to customers.
9. The probes are ready to use.


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